BioSuperfood is a whole food product formulated with nutritionally rich micro-algae, four of the most nutrient and phytonutrient dense algae found on Earth. It is a scientific formulation of four of the most effective nutritional and immune support foods.

BioSuperfood is a holistic solution that provides optimum cellular food for optimum cellular nutrition. The thousands of micro-nutrients found in these synergistic blends reach and nourish every single cell, including those of the brain, proven to be able to cross the blood brain barrier and retinal barrier.

BioSuperfood was developed after 13 years of intensive Soviet research on algae, led by holistic nutritional pioneer, Prof. Dr. Michael Kiriac, PhD, ND. These blends have been tested, proven, and used in agricultural and human applications for over 30 years. BioSuperfood's practical applications range over two decades of nutritional support for hundreds of children and adults of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and for thousands of people in their struggle with common or difficult health conditions.

BIONUTRITION - The Age of Advanced Organics

  • Wellness is found in nature.  We try to provide what nature already offers
  • It's best to leave food the way nature made it
  • With creative combinations we can obtain broadness, balance and greater synergies

BIONUTRITION INDIA launched in INDIA in 2017

Congratulations on your interest in advanced organics, functional foods and other organic wellness products. Thank you for letting us share with you the benefits of our few selected products that are actually whole foods and not isolates or separates.  We like to call them "complement" instead of "supplement."

In 2015, we started on a journey of building a global community - 'YogaFoodLove', on the principles of The Bhagavad Gita. It is on this path that we discovered the many health benefits of being vegan and vegetarian. We firmly believe in the genius design of every single cell that our body is composed of. We believe that if our cells are properly nourished, our organs, our brain, our glands and our whole body will function at maximum potential. We are passionate about living healthy fulfilling lives and about sharing this passion with our loved ones, friends and everybody that cares about their well-being.

We love what we do every day; receiving calls and answering your questions in order to help you take control of your wellness. We share in your health victories as well as your challenges. We look forward to serving you, and whether you are a "newbie" or an expert, we will support your understanding and application of our product in your quest for wellness.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Wellness Now!
Juspreet Singh Walia
Founder @YogaFoodLove & @BioNutrition India